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Married Hell From A Cheating Slut Wife!

We're lucky to have a self-professed "Cheating Slut Wife", Nancy, agree to come by and talk to us in a frank manner about her marriage, and to get some insight and juicy details as to her new favorite past time - making her poor husband's life a married hell!

Q: So, how long we you married before you decided to cheat?
A: We had been married for five years - and just for the record, my husband cheated on ME twice before I got smart and decided to make him into a cucky bitch boy!

Q: "Cucky Bitch Boy", LOL, that's a good one. So, what was the process?
A: Well, after I had found out he'd been sticking his little cock into the Mexican maid we had, I decided that rather than divorce him, I'd make him pay - both physically and financially. I ran up our credit cards to the hilt - and took a black lover!

Q: Just like that?
A: Just like that! Oh, actually I fucked a few of his friends first, just to "soften" him up for what was coming!

Q: And what WAS coming, if we dare to ask?
A: A strapon! The biggest one I could find - straight up his ass every night just as soon as he got home from work! I'd have him strip naked and put on my high heels, bend over the couch and then I'd ram his asshole till he was begging and pleading for me to stop! I must of used up a whole jar of lube the first month I started cuckolding him. The damn thing was so big I had to literally smear the length of it with the shit to get it up his tight butthole - but he soon "loosened" up and I was able to fuck him at will without having to spend a half hour prepping him, LOL!

Q: And when did the black lover become involved in all this?
A: After about three months of us going out, I decided to just start bringing him home and fucking him in the bedroom while my husband sat outside listening. And then one night we were drinking and fooling around when I asked him if he would mind if I forced my husband to watch us?

Q: And he agreed to this?
A: Oh, sure, he's into swinging and shit, plus he spent a few years in the joint so he was used to fucking white sissies. In fact it was HE who asked me to make my husband dress up in lingerie...I think even then he was thinking about punking out my husband and making him worship that beautiful big black cock of his! I know I sure did!

Q: So the poor guy actually got cuckolded, sissified and fucked in the ass?
A: Damn straight! We even made a video with the iPhone I made him buy me and sent it out to a bunch of his friends! You should of heard the crying and wailing when he found out the guys at work had seen him dressed in panties and a bra on his knees with that big black cock in his mouth! Talk about humiliated! I was LOVING it!

Q: Shit! You'd think he would of killed himself after THAT?!
A: Nah! He's quite tame and obedient now. I think he's gotten used to the idea of being a cucky bitch and now just accepts that this is his life from now on out...but I do think I'm going to do something special for his birthday since he's been such a good little cuckold....I'm going to put an ad in a gay swingers magazine and organize a gang bang - with HIM as the BITCH! Sucking and fucking ten or twelve studs at one time should get him in the party mood, hmmm? LOL!

Well thats't it for now, we'd like to thank Nancy and offer our sincere condolences for her husband!

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